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System Manager 3 for Mac

Here is an integrated version of System Manager 3 for the Mac.

Of course, this is an absolutely not supported version of System Manager. The reason why I decided to provide it to the public is because it does not use any private materials from NetApp, and is only based on the Linux version of System Manager, which is available on NetApp Support Site.

You can download it here, and you need Mac OS 10.7 minimum to run it.

This is different from the version available on ToolChest web site, and I thank Jesse for his work because without it, I wouldn’t have the idea to work on this version!

Here is a screenshot of the main window with the tab view on top, each controller you open will have its own tab.

System Manager 3 for Mac home page

System Manager 3 for Mac home page

System Manager 3 for Mac requires Java SDK 1.7 (JRE is not enough) and Mac OS 10.7.

Note that if you run it without installing the JDK, Mac OS X will automatically propose to install Java. Don’t do this as you won’t get a JDK this way, you must download it from Oracle web site and install it manually.

[EDIT] Link updated to point to version 3.1RC1