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Snapmirror data from 7-mode to Clustered Data ONTAP [Screencast]

In this screencast I will show you how to migrate your data from a 7-mode system to a Clustered Data ONTAP system without using add-on software.

Note that I strongly encourage using 7MTT tool but if for some reasons, you want to do that manually, here is how.

In this video, you will see :

  • How to create the destination SVM
  • How to create the destination volume
  • How to establish a peer relationship
  • How to create the snapmirror relationship
  • How to do the cutover

Changing default port 7MTT listens on

When you are running a lab in your own laptop, saving resources is a concern. Sometimes you would like to run multiple products in the same system but you can’t because of conflicting TCP/IP ports for example.

This is the case with 7MTT (login required) that conflicts with NetApp’s VMware VASA provider.

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